Welcome to Seek. Serve. Save.


The vision is to supply the needs of impoverished areas throughout the world through the delivery of basic humanitarian services and sharing the love of Christ. Through these services we will support the international community, motivated by our love for and obedience to God’s commands, and help eliminate suffering in the impoverished countries. We are deeply passionate to “Go, seek the lost, serve in love, and help save the world” as Jesus commanded.

"For the Son of Man came to seek
and to save what was lost"- Luke 19:10


The mission is to work directly with volunteers, community members, and international missions to empower and develop missionary movements in poverty-stricken communities throughout Central America and the World. We endeavor to provide financial, personnel, and practical resources to aid in church construction, housing development, schools, feeding programs for children, healthcare, anti-trafficking efforts, orphanages, Biblical growth and support as well for the development of existing missionary programs in local service areas.