Ministries and Updates

Current ministries include:

We are currently partnering with several local ministries through financial support, providing resources, and personal time involvement. This support includes local schools/preschools & churches, high risk youth, anti-trafficking affiliates, an orphanage, and Rotary International.

We serve as a board member at Marla’s House of Hope Orphanage and as volunteers at the Child Development Foundation.

Local Bible studies

  • Attend and encourage the involvement of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) that meets each Thursday in Belmopan at a local church.
  • Attend a weekly men's group every Thursday.

Directs the Baptist Training Center in Camalote and assists visiting international mission teams and local ministries/churches.

Occasionally assisting locals with housing, nutritional, medical, and educational needs where God leads.

Working with other local missionary efforts.

Updates about our ministries can be found below: